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De Uithof - A.W. Reinink
cover plantoelichting Art Zaaijer
cover basis landschapsplan
cover SteenhuisMeurs De Uithof
Natuurwaardenkaart 2019
Essay Art Zaaijer on 2 campuses Utrecht
  • de uithof, van johannapolder tot uithof
    September 1984, Historic Series Utrecht, part 4, A.W. Reinink 2011, ISBN 90 70482 18 5, Matrijs Publishers. Sold out.
  • Plan Summary Masterplan De Uithof (pdf)
    September 5, 2011, Art Zaaijer, Photographic update September 14, 2014. In English. The Dutch version can be found here.
  • Essay on Two Campuses
    Art Zaaijer elaborates on the essential characteristics of De Uithof and the campus of University College Utrecht.
  • Basic Landscaping plan, 3rd edition (pdf)
    July 2016, This plan (Dutch only) describes the qualities of the landscape that surrounds the built area of campus De Uithof in relation to the urban plan Koolhaas / Zaaijer. Author: DS Landschapsarchitectuur.
  • De Uithof, cultural historical analysis
    'Rapport cultuurhistorische waarden De Uithof', 2017, SteenhuisMeurs. Full text (Dutch) can be read here (not for download).
  • De Uithof, natural values
    2019, 3rd edition of the 'Natuurwaardenkaart' (Eelerwoude)

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