De Uithof, showcase of modern architecture

'De Uithof' is either loved or hated. Planning and architecture of De Uithof originally developed along the typical orthogonal lines of sixties modernism. The early years only produced rather grim and massive concrete buildings. The former park meadow scenery transformed into an academic no-go area without much coherence. It took twenty years to adopt a radical shift of focus and allow for the notion 'campus' to become the dominant perspective. 

The building history of 'De Uithof' reflects the changes in architectural development of the last 60 years. Starting with the 1960s we find brutal concrete giants that represent an uninhibited belief in progress, followed by a generation of the 1970s, showing an increasing struggle with uncertainties. After a period of masterplanning during the 1980s, a new generation of buildings arose. A number of ambitious and renowned architects transformed 'De Uithof' into a showcase of modern architecture. On the history pages I included a number of links to the sites of the architects that had projects commissioned during the nineties of the last century and the first decade of this century.

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